The licensing agreement for our software is explained below. By downloading and using it, we assume you've accepted the terms of it.

Using our software

Orpheus Broadcast software is free for usage, whether it's commercial or not. We do however encourage to support us whenever you find it useful. It helps to keep development and support alive.

Our software is provided AS-IS. Using our software is at your own risk. In case of any harm done, we're not responsible.

Distribution & Copying & Selling

We think it's perfectly fine for you to distribute our software to others. But we do encourage you to just point them to our site, it has always the latest versions, checked against virusses and such.
The one thing we don't permit is selling it. Either stand-alone or as part of a package or (computer-)system.

Decompiling/Reverse Engineering

Decompiling or reverse engineering our software isn't allowed. There is nothing to gain from it, so why should you?


Our software, this site, artwork and all derivative works still contain copyright.