Orpheus Loudness Meter

Loudness metering software for Icecast/Shoutcast/HLS streams

Orpheus Audio Processor

Audio processing for streaming, podcasts, digital radio and more!

Orpheus Audio Processor: 4th betabuild

Betabuild number 4 of the audio processor is now available on our forums.

  • Rewrote mid/side high pass filter. Low frequency response should be much better now
  • Lookahead limiters sound more open than before
  • Fixed Stuck Compressor Band on startup (still needs testing if it's really gone, but didn't see it the last few days)
  • Fully removed licensing client
  • Fixed phase issue in multiband section of STUDIO core
  • Added buttons to site, forum etc in about tab

Download is available here: https://forum.orpheusbroadcast.nl/thread-26-post-48.html
Written by Super User
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 14:52